To meet your problems related to the flexibility of employment and periodicity of work, we have prepared a number of solutions to avoid recruitment under time pressure or, worse, to withdraw from a given project due to staff shortages. We want to propose entrusting work to a trusted external partner who will carry out on your behalf activities related to the commissioned project from the moment of concept, through the preparation of detailed technical documentation to possible supervision over production. Each offer is “tailor-made” for a specific client, which means that we are able to adapt our systems and resources to the individual requirements of the client, as well as work on equipment provided by the client.

Technical documentation preparation

As part of our services, we offer the preparation of technical documentation for already existing parts or devices.
This may be the implementation of documentation for the purpose of transferring parts to a new system or for modifications. We also offer preparation of full documentation for the CE declaration of conformity.

Project menagement

We provide comprehensive order processing – from the development of a full concept, planned design and production steps through execution up to the supervision of production and commissioning. Our aim is to provide you with a ready solution.


We carry out all orders entrusted to us with the greatest care. In our work, we use quality assurance techniques used in major corporations and we apply appropriate legal standards adopted in the EU. All this to provide the highest quality to our clients.

Weld construction

We have designed many welded structures, mainly from the heavy machinery industry. We have cooperated in designing all types of these vehicles, developing their supporting elements. We have knowledge about currently applied standards regarding tolerance, quality of welds and their load resistance. At the custumer request, we also undertake the design of welding equipment, used for positioning and assembly of welded structures.

Test benches

We offer:

  • Designing new test and control facilities, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for customers.
  • Application and industrialization of test benches according to specifications.
  • Modernization of existing test rigs for new requirements.
Thanks to our experience in conducting mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic tests, we are able to design individualized test stands.

Fine element analysis

As part of preparing the documentation, we carry out calculations in the FEM analysis programs and with the help of Eurocodes. We prepare models for strength calculations - static loads, fatigue strength tests and modal analysis to determine the natural frequency. We provide proposals for changes aimed at reducing the mass and costs of mechanical components together with a calculation report.

Car chassis body in white

Our engineers participated in the development of car bodies made of steel and aluminum. We have experience in the design of chassis geometry, covers and doors for the German automotive industry. We are familiar with aspects of manufacturing technology and quality requirements, and most importantly, safety requirements. We also worked on concepts of mutual positioning and constraining elements during joining.

Gear / transmission design

automatic transmissions
One of the issues we have been working on was to develop an automatic gearbox concept with an innovative, parallel power flow using a continuously variable transmission.

automatic transmission hydraulic control system
We carried out flow and functionality analysis for hydraulic couplings and entire transmission control systems.

Our tools

CAD enviroment

Pro Engineer/ Creo E

Extra competences