If you can't grow it,
you have to mine it.

We are reinventing mining lifecycle with cutting-edge space technology.

Ever-growing demand
for mined resources

Only while focusing on new technologies
mines will meet the needs of world's
ever-growing demand for raw materials.
Mineral exploration, hyperspectral data
processing and persistent monitoring
are the future of mining.

Environmental protection
technologies for mines

The extraction process can’t be avoided and
has a very high impact on the environment.

  • Air pollution/Presence of dust
  • Sound Pollution
  • Ground Vibration
  • Water Pollution
  • Loss of forest and ecology
  • Resettlement
  • Loss of soil fertility

This impact
can be reduced.

We are re-imagining how
mining lifecycle is governed

Improving the survailance of the opencast mines

surveillance of the
mines and predicting
catastrophes before
they happen

Creating a solution for autonomous extraction

Creating solutions
for autonomous
mineral exploration

Moving the extraction process into space

Using Space-Age
technology to
spearhead innovation

Case Studies

Ensuring Infrastructure Safety through Satellite Monitoring
TerraEye's AI-driven satellite insights safeguard critical infrastructures, offering real-time monitoring around pipelines, roads, and rails in high-risk industries.

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Land Transformation Monitoring
Discover how TerraEye's AI-powered satellite data processing revolutionizes land transformation monitoring, spotlighting an industrial site in Pune, India.

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Founding of
Four point
Mining Journey Starts
ASPIRE with ESA Grant for RSOM
Autonomous Solutions
Investment of Czysta3.VC and GTT into TerraEye
Hype4Explor Project Grant from NCBiR
EIT RawMaterials Investment
Proof of Concept of TerraEye
Investment of Czysta3.VC into Autonomous Solutions
TerraEye Commercialization
Autonomous Systems Commercialization
Autonomous Machines for Exploration

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