Four Point: Pioneering Geospatial Solutions for the Mining Sector

At Four Point, we stand at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and the mining industry. Our mission? To harness the unparalleled power of data and geospatial technology, offering solutions that make mining more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

We're not just about efficient mining; we're about responsible mining. Our tools enable companies to monitor biodiversity, track greenhouse gas emissions, detect infiltration leakages, observe land transformations, and maintain vigilant water monitoring, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

What we do


Our flagship product, TerraEye, has revolutionized the way mining companies approach mineral exploration and extraction. With advanced Earth observation capabilities, TerraEye provides near real-time terrain mapping, geological data interpretation, and mineralogy analysis, offering a comprehensive solution for smart navigation, obstacle avoidance, and adaptive operations in ever-evolving terrains.

Autonomous Transport Platform (ATP)

Recognizing the challenges in mineral exploration, we developed ATP. This system supports field surveys for mineral prospecting, ensuring heightened safety, reduced operational risks, and more efficient resource allocation. Its seamless integration with TerraEye creates an unmatched synergy, enhancing situational awareness and fostering the creation of digital twins of mining environments.


Global Footprint & Achievements


Hype4Explore Project

Our commitment to innovation is showcased in projects like Hype4Explore, where we collaborated on missions in regions like Sierra Gorda in Chile. The insights derived have reshaped how the mining sector approaches exploration and extraction.

Global Reach

Our solutions have found resonance across borders, with deployments in diverse geographical and topographical conditions. From remote terrains in Alaska to dynamic landscapes in Central Brazil, we've made our mark.

Looking Ahead

With a team of dedicated professionals led by visionaries, we at Four Point are continuously pushing the boundaries.

Our commitment to research and development ensures that we remain at the forefront of technology, always ready to tackle the next challenge and continue our journey of transforming the mining sector for the better.


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