What is ATP?

The Autonomous Transport Platform is a complete solution for the autonomous operation of machines, adapted to work in a specific area, such as opencast mines. Moving from point A to point B.

Autonomous transport platform

Four Point wants to introduce artificial intelligence, neural networks, advanced image and data analysis algorithms to prepare autonomous machines.

The Autonomous Transport Platform will make its own decisions through:

  • having a level of autonomy 4/5 according to SAE - only minimal user influence on operation,
  • generating detailed maps of the area,
  • connection with the RSOM app - the ability to manage machines from the application level.

This method allows you to increase productivity through the use of advanced algorithms for selecting the optimal route and cooperation between machines of the same type.

Why ATP?

No losses related to waiting during loading and no delays. Autonomous machines can cover the route faster than a human operator, and the control algorithm ensures timely arrival to the excavator.

The modularity of the autonomous transport platform structure allows for the best adjustment of machines to the customer's needs. It is worthwhile for companies working in opencast mines or other similar locations to choose autonomous machines.

Why is ATP worth investing in?

  • greater efficiency of a single machine working alone or of the entire fleet of machines working together,
  • effective action plan through equipment capacity, configurability, material to be transported, work schedule, transport distance and fleet size,
  • costs of ownership and operation determine the economic life of the machine,
  • trouble-free fleet management and deciding on the optimal time to keep the machine in the fleet,
  • no workers are exposed to harmful working conditions and possible dangers because the machines are unmanned.

Four Point autonomous machines operate in an efficient manner and improve the commissioned work. The autonomous transport platform is adapted to move in the field and in a dusty environment with a dedicated enterprise management system according to the innovative knowledge of Four Point specialists on a global scale.

What are the benefits of ATP?

The Autonomous Transport Platform - a complete solution for autonomous machine operation, adapted to work in a specific area which improve the speed and efficiency of work in opencast mines, as well, as other environments.

Thanks to minimal human intervention, an employee can take care of another task while ATP works – loading and transporting materials from point A to point B. The specific and significant benefits that you can get from our product are:

  • This is a product that is primarily intended to adapt to the changing needs of the customer and the environment. It has high adaptability to various terrains as well as a very high level of autonomy and extraordinary energy efficiency.
  • The entire mechanical structure can be installed in the optimal location to achieve the highest efficiency. The transport basket is interchangeable to be able to best equip the ATP for a specific task, such as speed and lightness of materials or long distances.
  • Adaptation to the use of battery power, fast charging, fuel cell and hydrogen operation.
  • Operation, communication, and interaction of machines is carried out without the involvement of a base station.
  • Increased safety for machine operators and company personnel.
  • Shorter downtime during operation.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - machines with electric drives are powered by batteries or fuel cells (hydrogen), which do not directly emit CO2.
  • Income growth for opencast mines.
ATP 3D model variant 1 ATP 3D model variant 2

The Autonomous Transport Platform helps in managing the fleet and mining in the enterprise. In the future, it will be expanded to include satellite technologies and functionalities. It will allow the system to become a fully independent product.

ATP Blueprints

ATP 2D model variant 1


ATP operates with swarm technology, meaning solving problems does not belong to just a single robot but to a whole hive of them.

Machines can transmit information among themselves and therefore quickly make the best possible decisions and solutions. Swarm intelligence is one of the most important aspects, because the machines we are going to use here on Earth and in space are supposed to be autonomous and replace human work, including teamwork. To achieve this, we focused on preparing them with the right system and providing up-to-date data.

Reliable real-world data in real-time and a constant flow of information make the map layers relevant all the time. Comparing current sensor input with stored data improves location accuracy. Using these technologies will increase the reliability of autonomous driving, as well, as affect another aspect — task sharing. One that involves the ATP communicating with all machines in its area of operation. This makes it possible to determine the specific tasks of each vehicle and adapt them to the appropriate needs. As a result, tasks are assigned according to priorities and are geared towards achieving specific goals.


It is a very complex and deeply thought-out system that aims to create the most efficient, safe, and simultaneous operation of the complete network of machines.

Project Roadmap


Autonomous Transportation Platform project inauguration


First prototype operational


Two prototypes test in mining environment

Autonomous machines production ready


Portfolio of autonomous machines for opencast mines ready for production


Autonomous machines space worthy

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