The extraction process is unavoidable and has a significant impact on the environment. That is why at 4Point we put cutting-edge technologies to work to optimize it. Our solutions help our partners not only to optimize processes, but also support them in terms of sustainable development and help in environmental protection.

Our team’s expertise allows us to create optimized and customized solutions that strike the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. It allows companies to create the perfect win-win scenario where reducing costs and increasing efficiency go hand in hand with care for environmental protection.

Below is our focus of industries for which 4point solutions are a natural choice. Our clients, due to their activities, must be sure that the solutions they want to implement are reliable and of the highest quality. They trusted us:

Mining and Metals

  • Oil and Gas
  • Insurance
  • Government Agencies
  • Defense
  • Space Industry
  • Prospecting and Exploration

You don’t have to take our word for it – download Case Studies from individual industries. You can find the link here:

H2. Manage multi-source data streams for best results.

The integration of diverse data streams, such as those from satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and ground sensors, has emerged as a cutting-edge solution for achieving a holistic operational understanding. By unifying these multi-source data streams, industries, governments, and organizations can bolster their threat detection, risk assessment capabilities, and ultimately, make better decisions.

H2. Environmental protection on a new level.

At FourPoint, our portfolio boasts a number of successful projects, all with one overarching goal – to develop cutting-edge technology that works in harmony with the environment, sparing no expense to ensure the well-being of our planet. Mining is essential to various industries, but we believe it can be done responsibly, minimizing its negative impact on the environment.

Continuous monitoring is a proactive approach that empowers companies to keep a watchful eye on their operations and their impact on the environment. By constantly tracking various environmental metrics, businesses gain valuable insights into their ecological footprint. This real-time information enables them to assess their performance and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Armed with this knowledge, companies can make informed decisions to ensure their operations are aligned with environmental policies and customer values. When potential risks or deviations from sustainable practices are identified, immediate corrective action can be taken to prevent further environmental harm.

Our focus is now on four projects

  • TerraEye – remote sensing for open pit mines
  • Hype4Explore – PCD or porphyry copper deposits exploration
  • ATP – Autonomous Transport Platform
  • SRE – Space Resource Extraction

TerraEye is a cloud-based AI solution that transforms geospatial intelligence.
We turn disparate data into actionable insights that simplify workflows and enable strategic decision-making.TerraEye and ATP join forces to revolutionize industries, with ATP optimizing logistics and safety, and TerraEye providing AI-driven geospatial intelligence for efficient, sustainable operations.

Future of space mining – rise of autonomy

We are committed to playing a major role in the space industry, which is growing faster than ever. As we prepare for the future, we envision a paradigm shift toward autonomous solutions that augment human labor. Working seamlessly with SWARM technology, these autonomous units and vehicles will intelligently navigate their environment while sharing critical data with each other. This transformative approach will ensure safer mining practices while reducing the burden on human resources in challenging terrain. Our vision includes machines that are self-sufficient and can replace human labor. These autonomous beings will be equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date data to perform their tasks with precision and efficiency. This shift to autonomous systems will significantly reduce the workload on humans and minimize the risks associated with hazardous

Air and dust pollution, noise pollution, ground vibrations, water pollution, loss of forests and ecology, displacement and loss of soil fertility are major challenges associated with mining. Through our unwavering commitment to continuous monitoring, we are actively improving mining operations. With our solution, every stage of the mining process can be subjected to rigorous scrutiny and analysis, preventing unexpected and dangerous situations. No aspect of the project is considered less critical than the others, as the success of the entire process depends on seamless coordination. Our sophisticated satellite radar interferometry (DinSAR) technology provides accurate and continuous monitoring of ground deformation, facilitating time-series analysis and providing accurate ground displacement data. Real-time alerts generated by our notification system notify stakeholders when displacement velocity exceeds set limits, enabling rapid and appropriate responses.

Predictive Capabilities and Beyond

Utilizing state-of-the-art neural networks, our system combines over 50 inputs to predict mineral deposits and contaminants with exceptional accuracy, up to 92%. This predictive capability is critical to protecting water sources and ecosystems and mitigating the potential consequences of water contamination. By extending our solutions beyond the Earth’s borders, we aim to become an integral part of the rapidly growing space industry.

Transparency for responsible action

Transparency is at the heart of our technological advancements. Through comprehensive monitoring and analysis data, we promote transparency in mining operations, enabling stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of the situation on the ground. This insight is essential to achieving responsible and ethical outcomes. We believe that technology that is easy to use and intuitive will help people get closer to nature and understand the mechanisms within it, and will be the key to working with the environment rather than a barrier separating people from the needs of the environment. Our goal is to bridge the gap between humans and nature, fostering a symbiotic relationship that benefits both.

If you would like to discuss our projects, or you need cutting-edge technologies for your project, please contact us – our experts will be happy to share their knowledge and focus on your problem.