About us

Young, ambitious and dynamically developing team of engineers providing comprehensive services in the field of mechanical design.

We are happy to transfer the experience gained in large western corporations to projects carried out for our clients.

We specialize in the design of structural components of heavy machinery.

We have experience in the design and analysis of drive systems (conventional and hybrid), hydraulic and pneumatic.

Our team has experience in working on individual products, devices and comprehensive projects.

We provide design services both for companies that do not have their own R&D departments, as well as those that have such departments, but are looking for additional support in the implementation of large projects.

Our ambition is to develop and provide our clients with innovative solutions and projects that will contribute to the development of their companies.

Our team

Krzysztof Wierzbowski

Poznan University of Technology graduate. Currently is involved in the comprehensive implementation of projects from the identification of problems to implementation in production. He has been working professionally for over 8 years.
Spend free time on rock climbing.

Miłosz Małachowski

Lodz University of Technology graduate. 9 years experience in automotive industry. Worked for such big fishes as PSA or Daimler. Surface design specialist and stamp proceses. Automotive enthusiast, especially this from past days.

Marek Wilgucki

Wroclaw University of Technology graduate. 9 years experience in heavy industry. Responsible for project management, design and analyze hydraulic systems. EC declaration of conformity specialist. Privately happy husband, mountain and physical activity enthusiast.

Oskar Fryckowski

Poznan University of Technology graduate. 8 years experience in heavy industry mainly in weld assembly design. Responsible for coordinate team and execution projects. Motor sport and hiking enthusiast.


The experience gained in international corporations allows us to use the tools supported by the best companies in the industry, which means that we are able to guarantee the required quality, timeliness and monitoring of production assessment.